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2039 44th Ave
Longview, Wa, 98632
United States



Columbian Jams & Jellies- Local, small batch jams and jellies prepared by Dixie Edwards of Watershed Garden Works. All are made from organic produce grown at WSG. Custom batches, low sugar and sugar free available. 


Small Batch Jams & Jellies by Dixie Edwards


       Columbiana jams and jellies began as our orchard started producing more fruit. I learned to make jam from my mother, Julienne, pictured on the label. In the photo, she is sixteen years old, picking strawberries in Winlock, Washington. When I was young, my favorite meal was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There was always homemade jam.

     The fruits I use are all grown organically on our farm, without sprays or commercial fertilizer. The jams and jellies are made in small batches, with a limited amount each season. I enjoy looking through old cook books for new and interesting recipes. If you are looking for a particular kind of jam or jelly, or have the recipe that your grandmother used, I would be willing to custom make it for you.

     We like growing fruits that are rarely seen in gardens today, and almost never seen in stores.  Pie cherries or tart cherries are seldom grown by homeowners. Fresh pie cherries are not sold in stores because they are too fragile to hold up traveling. We grow gooseberries too. I always heard stories of how good gooseberry pie was. The first time our bushes produced berries, I had enough to make two cups of filling. After one bite of gooseberry pie filling I knew why people remembered the taste of those pies. Quince is another of the hard to find fruits. It makes a tasty, beautiful jelly that brings back fond memories of the people who used to make it.

      We also grow fruit uncommon to the northwest. We grow fresh figs that make a super sweet jam you can use for fig newtons. We grow Jostaberries,  a cross between gooseberries and black currants. I tell people they have a very English flavor and the jam is good on a Crumpet or English muffin.

     I enjoy hearing the stories my customers tell me about a particular jam or jelly they remember from long ago.          

 -Dixie Edwards

 Dixie's mother, Julienne, in Winlock, picking strawberries. June 1944

 Dixie's mother, Julienne, in Winlock, picking strawberries. June 1944


Current Jam & Jelly List

Apple Butter - Apple Jelly - Apple Syrup – Marmalade of Apples
Blackberry Jam
Black Cherry Jam
Boysenberry Jam
Black Elderberry Jelly
Fig Jam - Fig Orange Scented Jam
Five Spice Plum Sauce
Gooseberry Jam
Jostaberry Jelly
Kiwi Jam
Nectarine Grown Sugar Rum Jam
Pear Butter - Pear Preserves – Pear Lemon and Cardamom Jam
Pear Sour Cherry Mincemeat
Purple Plum Jam with Orange Liqueur
Quince Ginger Jam  - Quince Jelly - Quince Marmalade - Quince Preserves
Red Currant Jelly
Rhubarb Orange Jam
Spicy Red Pepper Jam
Tart Cherry Jam
Tomato Jam with Ginger and Coriander

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